Desktop Fluid Dispensing Robot with Stepper Drive Motor


When to Choose This Desktop Dispensing Robot with Stepper Motor

This desktop dispensing robot offers high precision accuracy in a compact, rigid frame. This desktop dispensing robot can be used for dispensing a wide range of single component adhesives and materials as well as in soldering applications. This Desktop robot dispenses with .01mm accuracy and utilizes a stepper mother with ball screw drive. 


  • Heavy, industrial unit to reduce movement while in process
  • High precision rail and slider bearings
  • Higher true payloads and better low-end torque than competitive units
  • Maximum speeds suitable for envelope size
  • Better repeatability by utilizing anti-backlash ball screws.
  • Simple integration – Standard 24V DC with On/Off switch and on-board PLC
  • High gantry clearance – fits long tools very well
  • Utilizes Stepper Motor
  • Available in a large range of X, Y, Z sizes as well as 360 degree rotation option.


  • High rigid body and high precision location control
  • By the use of Stepper Motor/Belt, applicable for various applications
  • For the expandability, available for high performance and high efficiency work
  • Applicable for various fields like a soldering, dispensing, etc.
  • A wide selection of options including 2 axis, 3 axis and 4 axis
  • High rigid aluminum and Gantry construction( enhancing the Y axis stability)
  • Rated load: 1kg (high speed type), 2kg, 5kg (normal type)
  • The maximum precision degree for repeat location ± 0.01 mm
  • Power source : 100 ~ 230 VAC, 50/60 HZ
  • Motor: Stepper motor, micro step
  • Drive Type : Belt , Ball screw

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