Cartesian Coordinate Robot Dispensing System


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When to Choose This Cartesian (Linear) Dispensing Robot

This cartesian dispensing robot - also called a linear dispensing robot - is built with a strong, durable extrusion frame and the highest quality parts. It offers an anti-backlash Ballscrew nut for repeatable positioning and comes in a variety of configurations to meet different application needs. offers standard systems as well as custom builds. We also handle installation, service and repair. Questions on fluid and adhesive dispensing with cartesian dispensing robots? Contact one of our adhesive experts for a free application evaluation. 

Cartesian Robot Configuration Options

  • Standard Ballscrew Drive
  • Parallel Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Clean Room Machine


  • Heavy, industrial unit to reduce movement while in process
  • High precision rail and slider bearings
  • Higher true payloads and better low-end torque than competitive units
  • Maximum speeds suitable for envelope size
  • Better repeatability by utilizing anti-backlash ball screws.
  • Simple integration – Standard 24V DC with On/Off switch and on-board PLC
  • High gantry clearance – fits long tools very well
  • Utilizes Stepper Motor
  • Available in a large range of X, Y, Z sizes as well as 360 degree rotation option.


Standard Ballscrew Drive

The Standard Ballscrew Drive offers the best position repeatability and variety of payload and force capability, but typically limited to 1000mm/sec (some large series available at 2000mm/sec). Stroke Length limited to a maximum of 2500mm.

Parallel Drive

The Parallel Drive option is the same as ballscrew drive, in a more compact package.

Belt Drive

The Belt Drive configuration offers much higher speed capability (up to 2500mm/sec), with lesser payload and repeatability as max speed rises. The Belt Drive has a stroke Length up to 4500mm. Belt drives are limited to horizontal and vertical use  and cannot be used in a "wall mounted" orientation.

Clean Room Configurations

Clean room machines are for class 1000 clean room applications which are relatively rare. These are set up to keep grease and particulate from escaping the robot during operation. Clean room configurations can also be used in very dirty environments to keep dirt out of the robot components.

Available Options

This is a list of some of the many options available with our Cartesian robot dispensing system. Ask us about any additional needs you may need incorporated into your system. 

  • XYZ tool calibrator for precise tool location, less scrap and rework
  • Custom HMI screens for your operation
  • 7” or 10” Touch Screen with simplified Walk-thru programing
  • Part presence, part height, part location and skew/position correction tools
  • Bombsite programming camera for easy programming
  • Full vision for inspection of all sorts
  • Guarding and light curtains
  • Safety rated doors with direct emergency stop wiring (no I/O)
  • CE and CSA units available

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