• Loctite 404 Bench-top Dispensing Robot 98300A

Loctite 404 Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Robot with Teach Point Software

When to Use the Loctite 404 Benchtop Dispensing Robot

The Loctite 404 dispensing robot is a simple-to-use dispensing system with a 400 by 400 mm range of operation. It is fully compliant with the Robotic Industry Association (RIA). The 404 dispensing robot is great for smaller parts, short run production and lab associated applications. 


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More Information on the Loctite 404 Benchtop Dispensing Robot

The Loctite® 404 Series Benchtop Robot has a 400 by 400 mm range of operation. This robot is available to meet your process requirements in eight different configurations offering: 3 or 4 axes, 110 or 220 V power, standard or CE certified. The simultaneous control over all axes provides for 3D linear and arc interpolations that are required for complicated dispensing processes. This unit is fully compliant with RIA (Robotic Industry Association) safety guidelines. Programming accessories, dispensing equipment, integration cables and mounting hardware are sold separately. Loctite has special application software that simplifies programming of the robot.

Loctite 404 Benchtop Robot Specifications

Number of controllable axes

3 to 4

Range of operation

X axis

400 mm

Y axis

400 mm

Z axis

150 mm

R axis

± 360°

Portable weight

Work Surface

11.0 kg

Tool Head

6.0 kg



8 to 800 mm/s


3.2 to 320 mm/s


8 to 800 °/s

CP (X,Y,Z)

0.1 to 800 mm/s

Repeatability accuracy

X, Y, Z axis

± 0.01 mm

R axis

± 0.02°


32 bit

Control method

Point to Point or

Continuous Path

Drive method

5-phase stepping motor



Program capacity

255 programs

Data memory capacity

30,000 points



584 mm


629 mm

Height, 3 Axis

799 mm

Height, 4 Axis

840 mm


42 kg

Power source

110 or 220V / 50-60 Hz

Consumption current

200 VA

Working environment


0 - 40°C


20 - 95% RH

Parts Included:



Loctite 404 Benchtop Dispensing Robot Brochures and Data Sheets

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