• Honle UV250 Hand - hand held UV curing lamp

Honle UVAHAND 250 Hand Held UV Lamp Curing System

When to Use the Honle UVAHAND 250 Hand Held UV Lamp

The Honle UVAHAND 250 is a high intensity hand held UV lamp for use with visible and UV cure adhesives. The UVA Hand 250 excels in applications where mobility is key. This unit is great for working with glass, plastic and metal substrates and can be equipped with an optional black light filter which only transmits UVA radiation (visible light is filtered out). 

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Common Applications for the Honle UVAHAND 250

  • Curing UV reactive adhesives
  • Curing reactive compounds on electrical components
  • Repair and production applications with UV cure polyester resins


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Additional Information on the Honle UVAHAND 250 Hand Held UV Lamp

The Honle UVAHAND 250 is an extremely versatile, cost effective way to cure visible and UV adhesives. It provides excellent mobility along with high power output for fast, effective adhesive curing. 

Because of the high power and output of the UVAHAND 250, curing occurs n seconds and an equal distribution of light intensity provides an even cure across parts. 

System Highlights

  • High Intensity UV Lamp
  • Equal Distribution of Light Intensity
  • Industrial, Reliable Unit with Long Life
  • Cure Results in Seconds

Honle UVAHAND 250 UV Lamp Specifications

  • Supply: 110 Volts/60 Hz or 230 Volts/50 Hz
  • Power: 250 Watts.
  • Lamp life: > 500 operating hours.
  • Current: 3-4 Amps
  • Weight of Hand Lamp: 3 lbs (1.4kg)
  • Weight of Power Supply: 6 lbs. (2.8kg)

Honle UVAHAND 250 Brochures and Data Sheets

Data Sheet