• Honle UVAHAND LED hand held UV light cure lamp
  • Hand Held LED UV Curing Lamp

Honle UVAHAND LED Hand Held LED UV Lamp Curing System

When to Use the Honle UVAHAND Hand Held LED UV Lamp

 The Honle UVAHAND hand held LED curing lamp offers high intensity LED light with total mobility and ease-of-use. This LED light curing system provides 20,000 hours of light, has no start-up time and will not damage heat sensitive substrates. Use the Honle UVAHAND LED UV light curing system for UV cure adhesives, resins and compounds in product assembly, manufacturing or R&D environments. 


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Additional Information on the Honle UVHAND LED Hand Held Lamp

The Honle UVAHAND LED UV adhesive light curing system offers exceptional flexibility and mobility for UV curing applications. It is ergonimically built and does not need to be plugged in to an outside power source offering total freedom of movement. Lightweight yet industrial, the Honle UVAHAND LED curing system does not emit harmful IR radiation. This also allows the light emitted to remain cool (no traditional UV bulb) making it an excellent choice for curing heat sensitive substrates.

UVAHAND LED Light Cure Unit Features

  • High Intensity LED Light
  • Available in 365nm or 405nm Wavelengths
  • Long life (20,000 hours on LED Light)
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Cures UV adhesives and materials within seconds
  • No Warm-up Time
  • No Standby Time
  • Low Power Consumption

Common Applications

  • Curing UV reactive adhesives on glass, plastics and metals
  • Curing UV reactive components in electrical applications
  • Product assembly and production applications with UV curing polyester resins

Honle UVAHAND LED UV Lamp Specifications

Power supply

90 - 264 V AC / 47 - 63 Hz

Intensity **)

365 nm: 200 mW/cm²

405 nm: 350 mW/cm²

Dimension of output window

137 x 75 mm

Weight lamp unit

1.9 kg

Power input

70 W

Honle UVAHAND LED UV Curing System Brochures and Data Sheets

Product Brochure