Honle UVACUBE 100 Compact UV Curing Chamber


When to Use the Honle UVACUBE 100 UV Curing Chamber

The UVACUBE 100 is a compact UV curing chamber that uses a traditional UV lamp for curing UV and visible light adhesives, inks, varnishes and coatings. It offer great power output at an affordable price. The UVACUBE 100 UV chamber size of 180mm X 180mm X 180mm (7.1 inch X 7.1 inch X 7.1 inch) making it great for small part curing. This unit excels in applications like hand assembly and laboratory use.

Check out the Honle UVACUBE 100 LED for LED light curing. 


The Honle UVACUBE 100 is an UV curing chamber for laboratory use and low volume product assembly applications. By using different UV lamps, UVACUBE 100 can be used for a large variety of applications and offers individual process solutions. The UVACUBE 100 has a manually operated shutter and meets the highest demands in operational safety and ease of handling.

Common Applications for the Honle UVACUBE 100

  •  Curing of adhesives and plastics
  • Curing of inks, varnishes and coatings
  • UV irradiation for chemical and biological applications

About the UVACUBE 100 Lamp

Honle UVACUBE 100 UV lamps offer outstanding power yield with long lamp life. There are three different spectra available: iron, gallium and mercury.


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