Honle LED Cube 100 IC UV Curing Chamber System


When to Use the Honle LED Cube 100 UV Chamber Curing System

The Honle LED Cube 100 UV chamber offers a compact size with exceptional performance. The UV curing chamber size is 180mm X 180mm X 180mm (7.1 inch X 7.1 inch X 7.1 inch) making it perfect for small part curing. The LED Cube 100 has no start up time, is great for heat sensitive substrates and boasts a 20,000 hour LED lamp life. Use this system for bonding, curing or encapsulating small parts in product assembly, manufacturing or R & D applications.


The Honle LED Cube 100 IC is a compact UV curing chamber that uses LED light instead of a traditional UV lamp. LED technology offers a number of advantages including long lamp life, zero start-up time and curing without excessive heat making it great for heat sensitive substrates. 

The LED Cube 100 boasts a 20,000 hour lamp life and can be switched on and off as often as necessary with no star-up time. Even light distribution and LED malfunction sensors make the LED Cube 100 a powerful and reliable tool in industrial environments.

Common Applications

  • Bonding or encapsulating electronic components
  • Bonding or encapsulating optical or medical device parts
  • High intensive UV irradiation for biological, chemical and pharmaceutical applications

Safety First with the Honle LED Cube 100

The Honle LED Cube 100 IC has a safety system which guarantees that the user is safe from UV radiation. Door and LEDs are logically connected so when the door is opened during operation, the LEDs are switched-off immediately.


LED service life

> 20.000 hours***

adjustment range of timer (in sec.)

0,01 - 99,99 or 0,1 - 999,9 or

1 - 9999 or continuous operation

wavelengths in nm

typ. intensity in mW/cm²

LED Spot 100 HP IC LED Spot 100 IC

365 385 395 405 460

1.000* 2.000* 2.000* 2.000* 3.000**

600* 1.000* 1.000* 1.000* 1.500**

power supply LED powerdrive

115 – 230 V,

50 – 60 Hz

max. input current

5,0 A


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