Complete UV Adhesive Syringe Dispensing System


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Used to Dispense

  • Cyanoacrylates
  • UV Cure Adhesive (Liquid)
  • UV Cure with Anaerobic

When to Use This UV Adhesive Syringe Dispensing System

This complete UV adhesive dispensing system offers a simple and cost effective way to dispense UV cure adhesives and materials from 1LB bottles. It offers a digital shot meter with up to 15 programmable memory storage and can be used for manual or semi-automated dispensing. Use this system with almost any fluid UV material or adhesive for product assembly, electronics, lab work and more. 


This diaphragm dispensing system is configured to dispense UV cure materials from 1 LB (500 gram) bottles. It offers accurate dispensing of both high and low viscosity adhesives. No pouring is necessary, simply drop in the 1 LB bottle of UV adhesive into the dip tub tank and begin dispensing.

This system comes with a dispensing tip sample kit and can be used with any standard adhesive dispensing needle or tip. 


System Includes

  • JGD500T: Digital Shot Meter has a 15 program memory storage, a timer range of 0.008 to 99.99 seconds, various modes, and sequential dispensing.

  • JGD700D: Diaphragm Valve designed to dispense low to medium viscosity materials and excellent for cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, UV adhesives, and MEK.

  • JGD1LT: 1 Liter Pressure Tank

  • JGD4000-GSOV: Adjustable Valve Stand

  • JGNS4: Dispensing Tip Sample Kit

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