• UV Adhesive Syringe Dispensing System

Complete UV Adhesive Syringe Dispensing System

When to Use This UV Adhesive Syringe Dispensing System

This complete UV adhesive dispensing system offers a simple and cost effective way to dispense UV cure adhesives and materials from 1LB bottles. It offers a digital shot meter with up to 15 programmable memory storage and can be used for manual or semi-automated dispensing. Use this system with almost any fluid UV material or adhesive for product assembly, electronics, lab work and more. 


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More Information on the Complete UV Syringe Dispensing System

This diaphragm dispensing system is configured to dispense UV cure materials from 1 LB (500 gram) bottles. It offers accurate dispensing of both high and low viscosity adhesives. No pouring is necessary, simply drop in the 1 LB bottle of UV adhesive into the dip tub tank and begin dispensing.

This system comes with a dispensing tip sample kit and can be used with any standard adhesive dispensing needle or tip. 

Dispensing System Specifications

System Includes

  • JGD500T: Digital Shot Meter has a 15 program memory storage, a timer range of 0.008 to 99.99 seconds, various modes, and sequential dispensing.

  • JGD700D: Diaphragm Valve designed to dispense low to medium viscosity materials and excellent for cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, UV adhesives, and MEK.

  • JGD1LT: 1 Liter Pressure Tank

  • JGD4000-GSOV: Adjustable Valve Stand

  • JGNS4: Dispensing Tip Sample Kit

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