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Precision Metal Taper Tip for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

When to use Metal Taper Tip Needles for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

Metal taper tips are excellent for automated or robotic dispensing applications. They provide a reliable, durable dispensing solution and can handle higher pressures for high volume dispensing. 

The Techcon Systems MT Series precision metal tapered tips are excellent for high flow rate applications like high speed automated dispensing. The MT Series consist of a smooth internal conical flow path which optimizes dispensing speed while minimizing clogging and back pressure. This ultimately leads to higher flow rates. 

The MT Series tapered metal tips are made using a Phosphor-Bronze metal construction and Electroless Nickel plating. This makes them ideal for applications utilizing robots. The MT Series is available in a wide range of gauge sizes allowing for precision customization of bead size.

Additional Information on the MT Series Needles

  • Smooth internal fluid path:
  • Reduces turbulent fluid flow
  • Reduces back pressure
  • Increases fluid flow rates.
  • Reduces air entrapment and fluid dripping
  • Metal construction:
  • Provides accurate positioning
  • Ideal for automatic dispensing applications
  • Thin walls – Reduces fluid tailing and stringing
  • Clog resistant – ideal for filled fluids

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