• Scheugenpflug A310 compact vacuum adhesive dispensing system
  • Compact dispensing system with vacuum chamber

Two Part Adhesive Dispensing System with Vacuum Chamber

A Compact Vacuum Dispensing System for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

The Scheugenpflug A310 two component dispensing system offers mixing and dispensing using a vacuum system. The A310 can dispense using up to 3 axes allowing it to be used in applications requiring complex component geometries. This industrial unit offers a compact design that utilizes 5 Liter tanks with recirculation, heat and short cycle times. 

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  • Brand: Scheugenpflug
  • Type: Dispensing System

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  • Vacuum Chamber


More Information on the Scheugenpflug A310 Dispensing System

For small quantities and highly viscous material This variant of the material preparation and feeding system A310 is designed especially for applications where only small quantities have to be dispensed and prepared. The vertical piston pump integrated in the material tank allows feeding of highly viscous dispensing material with its limited flowability into the dispenser after it has been optimally prepared. Using system processes such as homogenization, heating, circulation and evacuation, it is possible to control the processing properties of the material.

Advantages of the A310 System

  • Consistent material feed without impairing quality
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Suitable for sensitive and chemically inert potting media

Two Part Adhesive Dispensing System with Vacuum Chamber — Videos

Overview of Dispensing System Uses

1C ++ Filled ++
2C ++ Abrasive ++
Atmospheric press. ++ Continuous ++
Vacuum ++ Preparation ++
Liquid ++ Feeding ++
Highly viscous (+)