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Sulzer Mixpac 50ml B-System Cartridges - All Ratios

When to Use the Sulzer Mixpac 50ml B-System Adhesive Cartridges

The Sulzer Mixpac B Series 50 mil cartridge offers a complete system including built in piston retention for easier use. The rectangular back on this cartridge allows it to fit standard 50 ml cartridge guns and it comes in a variety of configurations to better fit users dispensing needs. Pair this dispensing system with a static mixer nozzle for simple, precise dispensing.

Additional Information on the 50ml B-System Cartridges

  • Resealable patented interface Quick mixer assembly
  • Safe and easy to use with safe and clean storage
  • Rigid design Precise metering – accurate application and ergonomic design
  • Excellent long-term stability and leakproof tested
  • QUADRO™ mixing technology Excellent mixing performance for less back pressure
  • Minimal waste volume
  • Wide range of mixers Optimal mixer for every application

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