• Sulzer Mixpac F-System 400ml 1:1 Cartridge
  • Sulzer Mixpac F-System 400ml 2:1 Cartridge
  • Sulzer Mixpac F-System 400ml 4:1 Cartridge
  • Sulzer Mixpac F-System 400ml 10:1 Cartridge

Sulzer Mixpac 400ml F System Cartridges - All Ratios

When to Use the Sulzer Mixpac 400ml F-System Two Part Adhesive Cartridges

The Sulzer Mixpac F System 400ml cartridge allows for medium to high volume adhesive dispensing and includes self venting lip seal pistons for easier extrusion as well as a preassembled nose plug. This cartridge is available in two different materials to better fit the materials being filled and dispensed.  

Technical Benefits of the Sulzer Mixpac 400ml F-System Cartridges

  • Separate outlets perfectly sealed interface between the mixer and cartridge for safe, clean working and no cross-mixing
  • Defined positioning of cap for safe and easy handling and no cross-mixing
  • Rigid construction precise dosing – accurate application suitable for high-viscosity compounds and allowing for high long-term stability
  • Wide range of different mixers for each 2 component adhesive
  • Manual or pneumatic dispensers available for little user effort and fatigue-free working

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