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When to Use the Sulzer Mixpac 400ml C-System Two Part Adhesive Cartridges

The Sulzer Mixpac 400ml C-System cartridges are a sided by side dispensing solution for two part adhesives. The C-System cartridges can be filled with most two part adhesive materials that need to be mixed to activate. A static mixer nozzle can then be attached to the cartridge system and dispense the material using standard 400ml manual or pneumatic guns. 

The Sulzer Mixpac C-System cartridges offer a complete dispensing system including a plastic cartridge, self-venting lip seal pistons, preassembled nose plug and a 13mm retaining nut. The Sulzer C-System cartridges are available in either PP or PA plastic and in ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1.

Benefits of the Sulzer 400ml C-System Cartridges

  • Rigid design: precise metering – more accurate application and excellent long-term stability
  • Valve pistons: safe and fast filling with no air pockets
  • Leakproof tested: safe storage and application of the 2-component material up to +40 °C
  • QUADRO™ mixing technology: Excellent mixing performance with minimal pressure loss and high dispensing performance
  • Wide range of mixers: optimal mixer for every application

Authorized Distributor is an authorized distributor of Sulzer Mixpac dispensing equipment. We carry the complete line of Sulzer and Cox dispensers, cartridges, and static mixing nozzles.

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