Single Component Pneumatic Dispensing System - 5 Gallon Pail


Common Applications

  • High Pressure
  • Lines and Beads
  • Product Assembly

This single component system is designed to pump paste materials. The single component pneumatic dispensing system provides downward force to a seal plate to pressurize material in a straight-sided 5 gallon pail, forcing the material to flow into a pump during its intake stroke.

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    This simple, robust single component dispensing system can easy pump out a wide range of materials, even very thick pastes. It offers chemical resistant, hardened parts making it both durable and low maintenance.


    • Dispenses from Standard 5 Gallon Pails
    • Eliminates Material Transfer and Mess
    • Chemical Resistant Parts
    • Pneumatic Power
    • Dispenses Highly Viscus and Paste Like Materials


    There are a number of accessories available for this dispensing system to tailor it to any specific product needs.

    • Electronic Shot Size Controller
    • Vacuum Degassing 
    • Desiccant Tubes
    • Material Agitator
    • Heating Elements
    • Hand Gun
    • Nitrogen Blanketing System


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