Pneumatic High Pressure Spool Valve with Anti Drip Suck-Back Feature


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About the Techcon TS941 Pneumatic High Pressure Spool Valve with Anti Drip Suck-Back Feature

The Techcon TS941 spool valve is perfect for highly accurate fluid or adhesive applications that require high pressure dispensing. The TS941 provides an anti-drop suck back feature and works best with medium and high viscosity materials. This valve is also well suited for moisture sensitive materials because of the chamber that prevents air from reaching the material. 

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The Techcon TS941 Spool Valve Is Used to Dispense

Activators Alcohol Conformal Coatings Epoxies
Flux (Liquid) Flux (Paste) Greases Inks
Mold Releases Oils Paints RTV Silicone
Solder Masks Solder Pastes = =


The Techcon TS941 high pressure spool valve allows for fast, high pressure dispensing of many adhesive and fluid materials. This valve was designed to displace a small amount of fluid back into the nozzle during shut off (suck back) so there is no dripping after it stops dispensing. 

The design of the TS941 allows for easy maintenance without needing special tools and can be changed from single action (air on, spring close) to double action (air open, air close) to meet application needs. The TS941 can handle viscosities up to 3,000,000 cps at pressures of up to 2,500 psi. 

Common Applications

  • Dispensing beads of silicone for gasketing applications
  • Dispensing solder mask onto PCBA's
  • Dispensing greases in lubrication applications

Techcon TS941 Features

  • High output
  • Handles higher fluid pressure than most other valves
  • Automatic suck-back after every dispense cycle
  • Suitable with moisture sensitive materials

The TS941 Spool Valve Includes

  • Oiler
  • Valve air hose
  • Luer lock fluid line
  • Variety of Fluid inlet fittings


Fluid Inlet Port:  3/8'' NPT Female
Fluid Outlet Port: ¼'' NPT Female
Aux Air Inlet Port: 1/8'' Female
Min Air Pressure: 70 psi (4.8bar)
Max Fluid Pressure: 2500 psi (172.4bar)
Mounting Port: N/A
Viscosity Range: 1- 3 000 000cps
Wetted Parts: 303 SS, hard Chrome plated stainless steel, UHMWPE, EPR
Operating Frequency: 400+ cycles/min


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