• Cox A25 dual component pneumatic cartridge gun
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Pneumatic Cartridge Gun for Standard 50ml Two Part Cartridges

When to Use the Cox A25 Two Component Cartridge Gun

Use the Cox A25 dual-component cartridge gun for 1:1 dispensing of epoxy or similar adhesives. It has accepts a 50ml cartridge (25ml X 25ml) and includes all necessary parts including an air hose connector. The A25 cartridge gun is easy to load and has an also has an adjustable air regulator. 

Compatible Adhesives

Additional Information

  • Product Type: Dual Component
  • Application: Two Part Cartridge
  • Capacity: 25/50 ml.
  • Mix-Ratio(s):
  • Dedicated 1:1 - 25ml. x 25ml.
  • Available in 2:1 Mix Ratio for a 37.5ml. System - Model CBA-25/2

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