• Pneumatic Cartridge Gun for 400ml Adhesive Cartridges

Pneumatic Cartridge Gun for Standard 400ml Two Part Cartridges

When to Use This 400ml Pneumatic Cartridge Gun

Use the Sulzer Mixpac DP400 400ml pneumatic cartridge gun in high volume applications or with thick materials where user fatigue is a concern. It is available in 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1 dispensing ratios and works with most standard two part adhesive cartridges.

    Compatible Adhesives

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    More Information on Our 400ml Pneumatic Cartridge Gun

    The Sulzer Mixpac DP 400 400ml pneumatic cartridge offers large capacity and lightweight design for consistent and precise metering with the added benefit of air pressure assistance. The DP 400 cartridge gun was built with an aluminum alloy housing and wear resistant mechanisms to the highest quality standards.

    User safety was built into the design of the DP 400 pneumatic glue gun with an integrated pressure relief valve and safety switch which does not allow thrust if there is no cartridge loaded. This cartridge glue gun works with most standard 400ml cartridges including the C Series and F Series from Sulzer.

    Sulzer Mixpac DP 400 Ratio Options

    • 1:1 Mixing Ratio
    • 2:1 Mixing Ratio
    • 4:1 Mixing Ratio
    • 10:1 Mixing Ratio

    Works With

    • Sulzer Mixpac C System Cartridges and Nozzles
    • Sulzer Mixpac F System Cartridges and Nozzles

    Advantages of the Sulzer Mixpac DP 400 Cartridge Gun

    Separate outlets 

    • Perfectly sealed interface between
    • The mixer and cartridge
    • Safe and clean working
    • No cross-mixing

    Defined positioning of cap 

    • Safe and easy handling
    • No cross-mixing
    • Rigid construction Precise dosing – accurate application
    • Suitable for high-viscosity compounds
    • High long-term stability

    Wide range of different mixers 

    • Optimal mixer for each 2-component adhesive

    Pneumatic dispenser 

    • Little user effort required
    • Fatigue-free working