• Infinity Bond MMA 330 Methacrylate Adhesive
  • MMA 330 Medium Setting Methacrylate Adhesive for Difficult Substrates - 400ml

MMA 330 Medium Set Metal and Plastic Methacrylate Adhesive

When to Use MMA 330 Methacrylate Adhesive

Infinity Bond MMA 330 is a super high performance Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) often able to bond difficult substrates that other adhesives cannon. It offers a medium set time giving users enough time to arrange their substrates but fast enough to be used in a production environment. 

Like all of the Infinity Bond MMA adhesives, MMA 330 has great impact and weather resistance and requires little to no surface preparation. The MMA 330 exceeds ad difficult substrates like composite plastics and coated metals. It has a work time of around 20 minutes and reaches handling strength in about 35 minutes. Once fully cured, MMA 330 provides a strong, flexible bond that excels even under extreme hot or cold temperature ranges. 

Meets or Exceeds the Performance of These Comparable Products

  • Plexus® MA330 MMA Adhesive

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  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Type: MMA Adhesive

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  • General
  • Metal
  • Plastic

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  • Chemical Resistant
  • Set Time: Long

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MMA 330 Medium Set Metal and Plastic Methacrylate Adhesive — More Information

Benefits of MMA Adhesives

MMA Adhesives are used across the world in product assembly, manufacturing and repair applications. They offer tremendous bond strength with little to no surface preparation and are easily applied with two part dispensing systems and mixers. The Infinity Bond line of MMA adhesives has been carefully formulated to meet 95% of the MMA needs on the market today. 

Infinity Bond also provides custom formulations based on application needs and volume. 

Infinity Bond MMA 330 is great for bonding

  • Fiberglass
  • ABS Plastic
  • Nylon Plastic
  • Acrylics
  • Vinyls
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polyesters
  • Urethanes and Epoxies
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Much More

Common Applications for MMA 330 Adhesive

  • Composite Bonding
  • Automotive
  • Marine Industry
  • Construction
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