Miniature Spool Valve with Anti Drip Suck-back Feature


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About the Techcon TS5322 Miniature Spool Valve with Anti Drip Suck-back Feature

The Techcon TS5322 miniature spool valve is unique because of its anti-drip 'suck back' feature perfect for precise applications. This valve is used for a wide range of fluid and adhesive dispensing applications and can dispense precise shots of medium to high viscosity materials. The Techcon TS5322D version of this valve is compatible with UV sensitive fluids and adhesives. 

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The Techcon TS 5322 Miniature Spool Valve Is Used to Dispense

Activators Alcohol Conformal Coatings Epoxies
Flux (Liquid) Flux (Paste) Greases Inks
Lacquers Mold Releases Oils Paints
RTV Silicones Solder Masks Solder Pastes UV Cure Adhesive Gels


The Techcon TS5322 miniature spool valve offers a compact design and anti-drip suck-back feature making it perfect for precise dispensing of medium and high viscosity materials. The TS5322 is opened by air pressure and closed with a spring and can be changed for air open air close if desired. This valve is perfect for higher accuracy with low pressure materials. 

Techcon TS5420 Features

  • Precise and consistent shot sizes
  • Handles higher fluid pressure than most other valve
  • Automatic suck-back after every dispense cycle
  • Suitable with moisture sensitive material

The TS5322 Spool Valve Includes

  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Valve air hose
  • Luer lock fluid line
  • Fluid inlet fittings - 1/4'' compression and Luer lock type
  • Dispensing tip selection pack
  • Oiler


Fluid Inlet Port:  1/8'' NPT Female
Fluid Outlet Port: Luer Lock Male
Aux Air Inlet Port: 10-32 UNF
Activation Pressure: 70 psi (4.8bar) Min
Max Fluid Pressure: 500 psi (6.9bar)
Mounting Port: ¼-20 UNC-2B
Viscosity Range: 1-1 000 000cps
Wetted Parts: 303 SS, Teflon®, Aluminum, EPR
Operating Frequency: 500+ cycles/min


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