• Loctite 408 Instant Adhesive - 20 Gram Super Glue Bottle
  • Loctite 408 Cyanoacrylate - 1LB Bottle

Loctite 408 Low Vapor, Low Odor and Low Bloom Instant Adhesive

When to Use Loctite 408 Low Odor, Low Odor and Low Bloom Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Use Loctite 408 for bonding environments with poor ventilation or where low odor is key. Loctite 408 is also a low bloom cyanoacrylate adhesive meaning the bond will look clean and clear.

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  • Brand: Henkel Loctite
  • Type: Cyanoacrylate Super Glue

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  • Ceramic
  • Elastomers
  • General
  • Metal
  • Plastic

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  • Low Odor Low Bloom
  • Set Time: Fast


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Loctite 408 Low Vapor, Low Odor and Low Bloom Instant Adhesive — More Information

Benefits of Loctite 408 Instant Super Glue

  • Capillary action
  • H & S Labelling- free
  • Ideal for rubber and metal
  • Low odor, low bloom
  • Solvent-free
  • Suited for polyolefins and plastics in combination with Primer LOCTITE 770
  • Well suited for porous and  acidic surfaces

Top Features of Loctite 408 Cyanoacrylate 

  • One-part room temperature cure
  • Surface insensitive
  • Reduced white residue “blooming” or “frosting”
  • Low odor
  • High cosmetic appearance

Common Substrates and Applications for Loctite 408

  • ABS to polystyrene – Small appliance
  • SS clips to plastic – Handheld electronics
  • Stainless steel to rubber – Electronic housings
  • Rubber to metal – Gasketing and sealing
  • Wood to ABS – Fountain pens
  • Clear plastic to PVC – Display systems
  • Polypropylene to aluminum –Identification tags/labels
  • Aluminum to acrylic – Cosmetic cases
  • ABS to polycarbonate – Battery cases

Loctite 408 Adhesive Specifications

Product Type Cyanoacrylates / Instant Adhesives
Specific Gravity (g/l @ 25°C) 1.05
Key Characteristics Usability: Easy to Use, Bloom: Low Bloom, Odor: Low Odor, Surface Insensitive
Physical Form Liquid
Cure Type Moisture Cure
Technology Alkoxy Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear, Straw: Light Straw
Number of Components 1 Part
Shear Strength, Grit Blasted Steel (psi) 2600
Gap Fill (in.) 0.002
Full Cure Temperature (°F) 77
Full Cure Time 24 hr.
Full Cure Temperature (°C) 25
Fixture Time 50 sec.
Viscosity Temperature (°F) 77
Viscosity (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)) 5
Viscosity Temperature (°C) 25
Temperature Range (°F) -65 to 200
Temperature Range (°C) -54 to 93