• Honle UV LED Pen 2.0 for UV Curing
  • Honle UV LED Pen 2.0 with Foot Pedal for UV Curing

Honle UV LED Pen 2.0 for UV Adhesive Curing

When to Use the Honle UV LED Pen 2.0

The LED Pen 2.0 from Honle is a simple and cost effective way to cure UV adhesives. This UV curing device runs at a 365nm wavelength and provides UV intensity of 4,800 mW/cm2. The LED Pen 2.0 provides a long service life, maximum maneuverability and the ability to add a simple foot pedal for hands free operation. 

For more power and additional nm wavelengths check out the Honle Power Pen 2.0.

Common Applications for the Honle LED Pen 2.0

  • Bonding or fixing components in electronic, optical and medical applications
  • Flourescense excitation for use in material testing and image processing
  • Intense monochromatic UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical applications


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Additional Information on the Honle LED Pen 2.0

The Honle LED Pen 2.0 is a great way to cure low visible and UV cure adhesives at an affordable price point. Because the Pen 2.0 uses LED light (365nm wavelength) it does not emit harmful IR radiation and will not cause damage to heat sensitive substrates. Using the LED Pen 2.0 provides excellent flexibility and range of motion making it possible to cure adhesives even in difficult to reach spaces. 

Using the LED Pen 2.0

This LED pen offers a compact size and light weight curing solution. The LED Pen is powered via an external plug-in supply unit (adaptable for the world wide use) which is included in the scope of delivery. The LED Pen is manually operated by using a pressure switch on the unit.

The Advantages of LED Technology in the Pen 2.0

The use of LED devices offers the following advantages:

  • LED’s do not emit IR radiation. The reduced heating of the substrate allows processing of heat sensitive materials.
  • The nearly monochromatic spectrum of the LED Pen matches the absorption of photo-initiators in UV curable adhesives and allows a fast and secure cure.
  • The LED Pen can be switched on and off as often as necessary. He does not require a warm-up or cooling phase.

Honle UV LED Pen 2.0 Specifications


365 nm +/- 10 nm

UVA-intensity at aperature*

4800 mW/cm²

UVA-intensity at 5mm dis- tance

650 mW/cm²

electrical power input

ca. 5 W

mains supply

from external net

100-240V AC or 24V DC

dimensions (Ø x length)

26 mm x 129 mm


130 g

continuous operation

without additional cooling

max. 10 minutes

Honle LED Pen 2.0 Brochures and Data Sheets

Data Sheet