Graco InvisiPac PC-8 Integrated Pattern Controller


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When to Use the Graco PC-8 Integrated Pattern Controller

Use the Graco PC-8 integrated pattern controller with a complete Graco InvisiPac system, the pattern controller allows for fast set-up, simple programming and insures you are using just the right amount of hot melt for your application.

The Graco PC8e Pattern Controller is recommended for use with the InvisiPac HM25 tankless hot melt system

Benefits of InvisiPac Hot Melt Controller

Too much adhesive can create poor bonds and waste while not enough hot melt can cause packaging to fail prematurely. The InvisiPac controller makes it easy to set up a stitching pattern and calculate the savings created using different patterns.

For those who are asking what hot melt stitching is, it is a method of laying down a hot melt bead while leaving small breaks in the line to save on adhesive costs without sacrificing bond strength.

Operating Modes

The InvisiPac controller allows for time based or distanced based pattern control. Time based is a more traditional method and works in most applications. Distance based is often used when precise control is needed or when adjusting to changing line speeds. The good can switch between the two without having to change your program.


Contact us with any questions about the InvisiPac pattern control system and the savings that it can create for your hot melt application. 

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