• Graco InvisiPac GS35 Dual Module Applicator
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Graco InvisiPac GS35 Dual Hot Melt Module

The Tried and True Graco InvisiPac GS35 Hot Melt Module Sets the Industry Standard for Reliability

The Graco InvisiPac GS35 Dual module applicator offers increased output and productivity over the GS35 single module version. This two module applicator gives char free, plug free hot melt dispensing in conjunction with the HM25 or HM50 tankless systems, reducing downtime and overall costs. 

The GS35 Dual boasts 3,500 cycles per minute and comes in a variety of RTD and Solenoid configurations. 


Engineered for optimal control and with high speed and high temperature applications in mind.

Module Spring

The GS35 applicator module comes with a factory set spring that works across all pneumatic and fluid pressure ranges which means there is no need for fine adjustments.

GS35 Module Filter

This module filter was engineered to product the ball and seat from char and debris creating a clog free system. 

The Manifold

The Manifold on the GS35 applicator traps residual char or debris which is then removed when the filter is changed. The manifold filter is placed in a heated zone which means no cold spots so you have consistent dispensing.

Finally, the manifold can be brought up to heat in 10 minutes

* Both the InvisiPac GS35 and GM100 Plug-Free applicator have 2 different RTD options:
  1)  Pt 100(385) is a Platinum 100 ohm RTD. 
  2) Ni 120 is a Nickel 120 ohm RTD.

The name plate on the applicator will list which one to pick on the delivery system. If you pick an incorrect selection, the applicator may not heat properly or it may be damaged. Remember to specify the type of RTD in use on the Display Module.


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