Graco InvisiPac 24V529 - 6 Channel Upgrade Kit


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When to Use the Graco InvisiPac 24V529 Channel Upgrade Kit

Use the Graco InvisiPac 24V529 6-channel upgrade kit to add two additional hoses to your existing 4-channel Graco InvisiPac HM25 or HM50 system. 

The 24V529 kit has everything you need to upgrade your InvisiPac system with these simple steps. 

InvisiPac 24V529 Installation Instructions:

  1. Disconnect plug from power outlet or turn off circuit breaker for incoming power.
  2. Place grounding wrist strap (1303) over your wrist and secure other end to a grounded surface.
  3. Set the kit’s MZLP (1301) rotary switch to “3”.
  4. Remove screws (BB) then remove plate (AA) from system.
  5. Use screws (BB) to install MZLP (1301) onto system. NOTE: The new MZLP (1301) will be referred to as MZLP 3, and the original MZLPs that came with the system will be referred to as MZLP 1 and MZLP 2 from here on. See FIG. 66.
  6. Remove electrical enclosure front access door. NOTE: Do not force the electrical connection. Minimal force is required to seat the connector. If resistance is felt, stop and verify the connector orientation.
  7. Connect CAN jumper cable (1302) to MZLP 2 connector J3 and connect other end of jumper cable (1302) to MZLP 3 connector J3. See FIG. 66.
  8. Install jumper connector (1307) in J5 on MZLP 3.
  9. Connect wires from power harness (1306) between AWB connector J5 and MZLP connector J2.
  10. Remove plugs (CC) from fluid manifold and replace with straight fittings (1309), tee fittings (1308), or the extra fittings included with the InvisiPac system. Use the fittings that meet your hose routing needs.
  11. To ensure your InvisiPac system has the latest software, insert token (1306) into ADM. Follow Software Update Procedure, page 77 of Manual.

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