• Fine mist spray valve for fluid and adhesive dispensing

Fine Mist Spray Valve for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

About the Techcon TS5520 Fine Mist Spray Valve for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

The Techcon TS5520 is a low cost option for precision spray applications. The TS5520 can apply a fine mist spray from a wide range of low viscosity materials and adhesives. This dispensing valve provides a low cost, low maintenance method to create a great fluid or adhesive spray system.

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    The Techcon TS5520 Fine Mist Spray Valve Is Used to Dispense

    Activators Alcohol Flux Liquids Regents
    Solvents Low Viscosity Materials - -


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    Additional Information on the Techcon TS5520 Fine Mist Spray Valve

    The Techcon TS5520 is an economical dispensing valve for applying low viscosity materials and adhesives in a fine mist spray. The TS5520 utilizes an external stroke control mechanism to fine tune dispensing volume. The spray can be controlled throughout the dispensing process including pre-spray, atomizing air and post spray when used in conjunction with the TS500R digital controller.

    Common Applications

    • Spraying conformal coating onto PCBA's
    • Spraying oil for lubrication applications
    • Spraying ink to indicate Pass or Fail

    Techcon TS5520 Spray Valve Features

    • Consistent spray coverage
    • No overspray
    • Positive shut-off
    • Adjustable flow control

    The Techcon TS5520 Spray Valve Includes

    • Mounting bracket kit
    • Valve air hoses
    • Luer lock fluid line
    • Fluid inlet fittings - 1/4'' compression and Luer lock type

    Techcon TS5520 Fine Mist Spray Valve Specifications

    Valves: TS5520

    Size Ø x H

    1.12” x 4.2” (28mm x 107mm)
    Weight 0.3lb (136g)
    Fluid Inlet 1/8” NPT
    Fluid Outlet Cone Spray Nozzle
    Mounting 1/4-20UNC-2B
    Maximum Fluid Pressure 100psi (6.9bar)
    Minimum Operating Pressure 70psi (4.8bar) minimum

    Wetted Parts 

    303 SS, Teflon®,
    Anodized Al,

    Cycle Rate

    Exceeds 400 cycles/minute
    Material Viscosity Range 1 - 1000cps
    Warranty 1 Year

    Nozzle Model
    Opening Dia. Cone Nozzle
    Fan Nozzle


    0.046" (1.17mm) TS5520 (Standard)

    Fine Mist Spray Valve for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing — Accessories

    Works With

    • Techcon TS500R Digital Controller