Economy 120V Bulk Hot Melt System with Bead Handgun - 10 LB Tank

Customize a Simple, Economical, Reliable Bulk Hot Melt Dispensing System for Standard 120V Power

This cost effective bulk hot melt system works with standard 120V power sources and can be configured to meet your specific dispensing needs. This system is comprised of all Made in the USA components and is as reliable as it is cost effective. Choose your hand gun type, hose length and nozzle orifice and you'll be up and running in no time.

Questions on this hot melt dispensing system or need help with your hot melt application? Contact one of our dispensing experts for answers to all of your dispensing questions. 


This bulk hot melt system was designed for simplicity, reliability and price. It offers all made in the USA components crafted to the highest quality standards all at a great value.

Kit Includes

  • Astro LS10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank - 120V Version
  • Hot Melt Handgun (Switched or Non-Switched)*
  • Heated Hot Melt Hose (Choose Your Length)
  • Hot Melt Nozzle to Control Bead Size


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LS10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Specifications

  • Simple all electric design
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
  • Cool-touch melt unit and hoses
  • Accepts all forms of adhesive up to 25,000cps pellets, granules, pillows and blocks
  • Adjustable temperature and 􀃸ow rates
  • Fan-cooled, 44/36 rpm AC gear motor for long life
  • Reliable positive displacement gear pump
  • Supports 1 or 2 handgun/hose assemblies
  • Compatible with L1, and L4 handguns

Data Sheets

LS10 Economic Bulk Hot Melt Tank Specifications

Component Information

About the LS10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank

This system is configured with an Astro LS10 bulk hot melt tank that uses a 120V power source. It is an all electric unit that can support up to two hot melt hoses and guns. The LS10 has a melt rate of around 10 lbs per hour sure to keep up with most product assembly and packaging applications.

About the L4 Hotmelt Handgun - Bead Dispensing

There are two versions of the hot melt handgun offered with this system, 'switched' and 'unswitched'.

The “switched” L4 handgun has pump/motor control within the handgun trigger and activates the pump and motor only when the trigger is compressed.

When using the "unswitched" L4 handgun the melter will remain on at all times. This is the more common set-up.

Configure Your System

Select components to build your complete dispensing system.

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