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Pneumatic Pinch Tube Valves for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

About the Techcon TS1212 Pneumatic Pinch Tube Valves for Fluid and Adhesive Dispensing

This simple to use disposable pinch valve is used for adhesive and fluid dispensing of low viscosity materials. This valve works together with a controller that can send a pre-programmed air that automatically opens and closes a molded polyethylene tube assembly (hence the name 'pinch valve').

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The Techcon TS1212 Pinch Tube Valve is Used to Dispense

Activators Alcohol Anaerobics Cyanoacrylates
Epoxies Flux (Liquid) Inks Lacquers
Mold Releases Oils Paints Regents
Solder Masks Solvents Two Part Adhesives UV Cure with Anaerobic

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Simple, Accurate Dispensing with the Techcon TS1212 Pinch Tube Valve

The Techcon TS1212 pneumatic pinch tube valve allows for continuous or micro-shot dispensing of a wide range of fluid and adhesive materials. This valve is controlled by 'pinching' a tube that works in concert with the valve. Pinch tubes come in a range of sizes and materials to control the flow rate and shot size. The shot size can be further fine-tuned by needles and tips. 


  • Disposable fluid path
  • Simple to operate
  • Compact size and weight

Recommended Components and Accessories

Pressure Tanks

  • Techcon TS1254
  • Techcon TS1258

Needles and Tips

TS1212 Pneumatic Pinch Tube Valve Specifications

  • Typical ApplicationsCyanoacrylates, anaerobics, two-part adhesive, etc.
  • Length: 2.49” (63mm)
  • Diameter: 1.58" (40mm)
  • Weight: 0.18 lb. (82 g)
  • Wetted Parts: Polyethylene (standard), Polyurethane (optional)
  • Viscosity Range: 1-45k cps
  • Max Fluid Pressure: 60 psi (4.1 bar)
  • Material Inlet: Female Luer Lock
  • Material Outlet: Male Luer Lock
  • Mounting: 1/4"-20UNC-2B
  • Activation Pressure: 50 psi (3.4 bar) minimum

Techcon TS1212 Brochures and Data Sheets

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