30 LB Bulk Hot Melt Tank System for High Speed Dispensing

When to Use This 30LB Bulk Hot Melt Dispensing System

This system is perfect for high speed and medium to high volume dispensing of a wide range of bulk hot melt adhesives. This system is often used for high speed packaging, product assembly or other automated bonding applications.

How Much Does It Cost? 

This system is highly configurable so we can't show all of the possible options. Simply choose from the options below and this will give us enough information to put together fast, customized pricing on your complete bulk hot melt system. It's that simple. 

Questions on this high speed bulk hot melt dispensing system? Contact one of our dispensing experts for product recommendations or answers to all of your bulk hot melt dispensing questions. 

A little about the AP30 system

This premium bulk hot melt system is allows for a simple drop in for the Nordson ProBlue 15 bulk hot melt tank. It offers all of the same features and reliability at amazing cost savings (and made in the USA). This tank system is great for medium to high volume applications.

Common Applications

  • Product Assembly
  • High Speed Packaging


This bulk hot melt system can be configured to meet almost any manual or automated packaging or product assembly application. This all electric hot melt tank does not require air (pneumatic assistance) and can hold up to 4 hot melt hoses. The melt rate is 40 lbs per hour allowing it to keep up with high speed dispensing applications and it runs on any standard 240V power source.

Compare To The Nordson ProBlue 15

This hot melt system easily drops in to replace the Nordson ProBlue 15 or can be used to set up a new, standalone. Don't pay more for a new blue tank when you can buy the highest quality hot melt system on the market for much less. 

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Brochures for the Astro AP 30 Bulk Hot Melt System


  • Tank Size: 30 LB Melter
  • Melt Rate: Melts Up To 40 LBs Per Hour
  • Hose/Gun Capacity: Up To 4 Hoses
  • Air Required: No Air Required
  • Voltage: 240V System
  • Compare To: Nordson ProBlue 15 (Drop In)

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