Astro Packaging L4 Hot Melt Hand Gun - 120V Unswitched

SKU: ASTRO 75452-1299 (Single Gun)

When to Use the Astro L4 120V Unswitched Hot Melt Dispensing Handgun

Use the Astro L4 120V un-switched hot melt handgun in conjunction with a bulk tank system for manually applying hot melt adhesive. This industrial, lightweight handgun offers a clean cut-off to avoid dripping and an RTD sensor for precise temperature control. 

About the Un-Switched Handgun

Un-switched hot melt handguns do not communicate with the bulk tank motor and pump. This means the pump and motor will remain on and working even when you are not actively dispensing hot melt. This is the most common type of gun to tank configuration.


General Specifications

Handgun Weight

  • 1.75 lbs. (0.8 kg)

Handgun Swivel

  • Unswitched: 360° Continuous
  • Switched: Restricted to 360°

Temperature Control

Thermostat Models


  • Preset fixed thermostat in handgun body. Select 25°F increments from 200-450°F


  • Capillary bulb in hose with adjustable thermostat in melt unit.

Solid State Models


  • RTD sensor located in handgun body. Full range solid state temperature controller located in melt unit.


  • RTD sensor located in hose. Full range solid state temperature controller located in melt unit.

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