Astro D2-15 Premium Bulk Hot Melt Tank - 15 LB Reservoir


About the Astro D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt Tank

Use the Astro D2-15 bulk hot melt tank for low to medium volume hot melt dispensing applications. This system can be configured using different hose and gun types to adapt to manual, automatic, bead and spray dispensing applications.

Quick Stats

  • Supports 1 or 2 hot melt hoses
  • 120V and 240V available
  • Handgun can be set up as bead or spray dispense
  • Easily adjustable temperature and flow 

Configure a complete system using the D2-15 Melter.


  • WarmupTime: 30-45 minutes
  • Melt rate: 19Ibs/hr.
  • Viscosity: Maximum 35,000 centipoise
  • Tank Over-temperature: Thermostat Protected
  • Hoses/Guns TCS00: Overtemperature Protected
  • Pump Pressure:
    • 100 psi- 800 psi max
    • 86 rpm motor yield
    • 11 0lbs/hr max

More Information

The D2-15 hot melt adhesive unit is designed with a constant speed direct drive motor/pump combination and adjustable output control. This extremely reliable melt unit holds 15 lbs of adhesive. The cylindrical tank design virtually eliminates any possibility of char build up with an integrated melt fin design to insure consistent pump rates due to the flow through grid design. Capable of 2 hose and 2 applicators, the D2-15 temperature control is simple to operate. Features include alarm settings to ensure all zones are running properly.


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