Graco EFR Two Part Precison Meter Mix Dispensing System - Configurable


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Used to Dispense

  • Epoxies
  • Silicones
  • Urethanes
  • Acrylics
  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Common Applications

  • Potting and Encapsulating
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing
  • Thermal Management
  • Adhesive Bonding

Why Buy the Graco EFR from

When you choose to invest in the Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) system through, you're taking a pivotal step in elevating your operations to new heights. Think of us as your guide on this journey to success. We offer a fully customized experience, starting with expert guidance through the design process to ensure the Graco EFR system aligns seamlessly with your specific application needs.

But our partnership doesn't end there. We provide local, on-site installation and ongoing support to optimize your operations, ensuring that the system performs to your highest expectations. As the industry leader in custom adhesive and fluid dispensing equipment, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Choose for a seamless, tailored experience that empowers you to achieve your goals, every step of the way.

Key Features of the Graco EFR Dispensing System

Unmatched Accuracy: The Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) system excels in delivering pinpoint bead dispense, ranging from as low as 0.3 cc to any shot size. It also ensures shot repeatability and wink-free changeovers that leave no visible marks in the bead.

Versatility at Its Best: This system is designed to handle a broad spectrum of flow rates and materials, from thin and unfilled to viscous and abrasive, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

User-Friendly Design: With its intuitive interface, the Graco EFR is easy to configure, operate, and maintain, making it suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

Robust Electric Drives: Featuring motors exclusively designed and manufactured by Graco, the system ensures virtually maintenance-free, smooth, and precise operation.

Durable and Reliable Pumps: The Z-Pumps in the Graco EFR are built to withstand the most abrasive adhesives and sealants, including Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs).

Independent Motors for High Viscosity: One electric motor per pump lower effectively doubles your horsepower, enabling the processing of high-viscosity materials with ease.

Digital Ratio Control: An onboard Human Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies the task of changing ratios and monitoring system performance.

Flexible Integration: The system comes with discrete or serial communication ports that can easily connect to factory PLCs for efficient process control and data reporting.


Maximum Fluid Pressure

3500 psi (24 MPa, 241 bar)

Minimum Inlet Fluid Pressure

50 psi (0.35 MPa, 3.5 bar)

Power Requirements


Fluid Inlet Size

¾ NPT (f)

Fluid Outlet Size

½ NPT (f)

Viscosity Range

20 to 1,000,000 cps

Maximum Fluid Temperature

120 F (50 C)


425 lbs (193 kg)

Wetted Parts

Stainless steel, zinc-plated carbon steel, brass, tungsten carbide, chrome,

fluoroelastomer, PTFE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, silicon nitride

Shot Size Range

0.3 cc to continuous

Maximum Flow Rate

2 to 6400 cc/min (depending on material viscosity)

Ratio Range

1:1 – 5:1 / 2:1 – 10:1

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