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Dispensing.com Officially Launches

We've been hard at work putting together Dispensing.com with the goal of simplifying the fluid and adhesive dispensing buying process and have finally launched. With dispensing solutions to a huge range of applications, we are working to simplify dispensing applications across the world. 

Some of Our Featured Brands

Dispensing.com carries top brands from across the world allowing  us to provide a solution to almost any fluid dispensing need. We will continued to add products and vendors that provide effective solutions to fluid and adhesive dispensing applications. Here are some of the brands we're exited to share with out of the gates. 


Techcon Systems Dispensing Equipment

Techcon Systems

Techcon Systems is an industry leader in one part adhesive dispensing. We love their benchtop dispensing units for applying adhesives like UV curable, cyanoacrylate, primers and more. They are simple, cost effective and reliable. Can't ask for much more in a desktop dispensing system. On top of complete dispensing systems, Techcon offers a complete line of accessories like syringes, plungers, needles, tips and more. 

Astro Packaging Hot Melt Dispensing Systems

Astro Packaging

Astro Packaging has made a real name for themselves in bulk hot melt dispensing. They offer complete solutions for applications like packaging, product assembly and spray hot melt dispensing. These systems are incredibly reliable and provide exceptional cost savings over other national brands. Also, Astro systems are designed and manufactured with pride right here in the USA. 

These are just a few of our outstanding manufacturers and we will continue to do deeper dives into their background, products and applications. Questions on any of these vendors or products? Contact a dispensing.com expert to help make your application a success. 

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