Sulzer Mixpac ecopaCC Collapsible 2-Component Packaging

Sulzer Mixpac has developed a revolutionary, collapsible 2-component packaging system for adhesives and sealants called the ecopaCC™. The ecopaCC design slashes costs, resources and waste with significant savings potential across the board, from transportation to disposal. 

EcopaCC collapsible cartridges are a very compact solution. When filled with adhesives, ecopaCC is able to compress and reduce its size as the contents are dispensed. Once empty, the cartridges can be removed from the reusable support sleeve in order to be disposed of. The 600 mL collapsed cartridge occupies a weight up to 75% less than packaging waste of conventional, rigid products, which subsequently reduces disposal costs. 

Sulzer Mixpac ecopaCC collapsible cartridge

Key Benefits at a Glance: 

    • Up to 82% Less Waste - Immense reduction in plastic packaging waste (82% on 1500mL, 75% on 600mL).
    • Up to 85% Reduced Warehouse Storage  - Collapsible or fold-able packaging minimizes storage space needed.
    • Up to 85% Reduced Transportation Volume - Sustainable packaging results in less trucks on the road.
    • Remarkable Cost Savings Throughout The Value Chain - On transportation, storage and disposal due to reduced weight and volume of the collapsed cartridge.
    • Compatible with Matching Sulzer MixPac Dispensers
    • Enhanced Performance - Improved barrier properties and shelf life.
    • Environmentally Friendly - Sustainable downsizing improves ecological footprint and contributes to global initiatives. 

Environmental Awareness & Sustainable Packaging Options

The foldable design of ecopaCC not only reduces waste, but also minimizes the space required for both empty and filled options. Therefore, industrial adhesives manufacturers as well as users can benefit from substantial reductions in shipping and storage costs. 

EcopaCC also features improved shelf life and leak proof properties whilst increasing the system versatility by enabling a broad range of film cartridge materials suitable for different substances. In addition, Sulzer Mixpac collapsible cartridges and their support sleeves are fully compatible with current dispensers from the Mixpac™, COX™, and MK™ range. 

The cutting-edge technology is available in several sizes and ratios such as 600mL 1:1, 600mL 3:1 and 1500mL 1:1. In all versions, Sulzer Mixpac can support both front and back-end filling options.  

The most revolutionary feature of ecopaCC is it's collapsible structure. The two conventional, rigid, side-by-side tubes of the two-component cartridges have been replaced with flexible film. These film tubes are inserted into a reusable, rigid support sleeve. Integrated pistons in the support sleeve ensures that the system can withstand the generated extrusion forces. During application, the cartridge compresses as the content is dispensed. Once empty, the collapsed foil can be removed and disposed of. 

Sulzer EcopaCC Benefits


With this new collapsible packaging concept for maximum results, the MixPac ecopaCC is ideal for a wide range of applications such as: 

  • Chemical Anchoring
  • Structural Bonding
  • Sealing
  • Crack Repair

The use of a foil instead of a rigid cartridge makes ecopaCC cartridges particularly easy to customize for specific applications. For example, longer or shorter foils can be used, which makes a wide range of filling volumes possible. Different filling materials and a variable number of foil layers can also be used to make the cartridges suitable for more demanding adhesive formulations. Up to seven high-tech foil layers can be used with ecopaCC, depending on customer requirements. 

Depending on the number of layers and foil material, Sulzer can influence permeability, the oxygen or water vapor amount diffusing into the cartridge filling. Hence, ecopaCC is allowing manufacturers to extend and optimize the shelf life of their products. 

Cost savings and environmentally friendly practices should not compromise the performance and functionality. To avoid leakage, Sulzer creates a high-integrity connection between the front outlets and the high-tech multi-layer foil using an overmolding injection technology (patent pending). In addition, the mixing tip ensures outstanding mixing performance and accurate dispensing. 


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